Principal of sumana maha vidyalaya

Mr.KA Weerasinha

I assumed my duties as on assistant teacher of R/Ilumba Kanda Vidyalaya on 01st of September in 1989.There after I was assigned as on in charge teacher of that school on the 02nd of February in 1991.At that time I followed the school based management trainee cource in the institute of educational administralive witch the NIE.There after I assumed my duties in the,sri lanka principal service-grade iii on 01st of June 1983. During this period I worked as a duputy principal of of R/Nivi/Dela Maha Vidyalaya in 1994,as a principal of R/Nivi/Erabadde Vidyalaya in 1996,R/Karavita Kanishta Vidyalaya in 2000,R/Nivi/Dela Maha Vidyalaya in 2010.At present I am working as the principal of R/Nivi/Sumana Central College since 2018 assked My actual ambition is to make the school with the highest results and maintain the good educational and disciplines of the students in 2020.I sure enough that we need to develop our physical resources for the development of the school for this,we need the fullest favoration of the parents to build an affective school. By this time the school is hoped to celebrate an anniversary of 150 years with the participation of the students,parents and past pupils of the scho

Asistent Principle-(Acadamic)

Mr.UKRM Karunathilaka

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Asistent Principle-(Administrative)

Rev.Udawalawe Sumana thero

Nivithigala Sumana Maha Vidyalaya a renowned school in the Sabaragamuwa province. This is a school, which has giftsd an of bright students to the society. Imformation Technology has got a vital place in the modern society. Therefore it's a privilage to have a school web site in our school. I'm much obliged about introducing the school website.