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Sumana madya Maha Vidalaya is situated in Nivithigala area,15Km away from Rathnapura town in Sabaragamuwa Province. The school was started in 1868. Sumana madya Maha Vidyalaya is a renowned school among Nivithigala area. With the great effort & dedication of the principal Mr.Sudath Jayasunadara and the staff the school has reached to it's sucess in recent years. Specialy after the school was nominated under 1000 school development project, school was enriched with large number of physical resourses inclusive the teachers' need.



"විශිෂ්ටයන්ගේ පාරාදීසය."


"ශ්‍රී ලාංකේය සංස්කෘතියට අනුගත,පරිසරකාමී,චරිතවත්,උසස් පෞර්ෂීය ලක්ෂණ ඇති දරුවන් බිහි කිරීම හා ජාතික අධ්‍යාපන අරමුණු
සාක්ෂාත් කරගත් පුරවැසියන් රටට දයාද කිරීමයි."

Sudath Jayasundara


Nivithigala Sumana Centrel College in her glorius history of one hundred years has gained many victories.Thousands of brilliant students serve Sri lanka and all are in the world in many fields.Accountant , Engineers , Security personals and Administrative officers , Politicians, International businessmen are amongest them. Though this school started as a rural school,now it has Arts,commerce,Science and Technology streams in advanced level sections. According to the 1000 school Sumana has started science stream programme after getting Mahindodaya Technical laboratory.
May Sumana be the best school in 2022.

-Sudath Jayasundara

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Our goal is to encourage every Sumanian to be part of the next generation of Leaders in Sri Lanka. Our Children achieve excellence through Teamwork, Collaboration and Leadership.

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